Students are saying…

UVa Response to question: “Would you take another course from this instructor? If so, why? If not, why not?”

UNC Evaluations:

“Tremendous teacher and person. I genuinely enjoyed being a part of his class. While some Spanish classes I have had in past years were tedious and boring, he really made it fun and an enjoyable experience. He found the perfect mix between teaching the material and having fun. I believe the majority of the class would agree when I say that they looked forward to coming to his class everyday. Especially since I started out really rough in this class, Sr. Huaman encouraged me, not only did I seek help, but he was more than willing to help me and try to make accommodations for me, not to make it easier, but to help me learn the material better. He is a class act, and my favorite professor I have had so far at Carolina.”

“One more addition to how great Sr. Huaman is as a professor and a person… I was sitting in my desk one day and had my head down… I had not slept very well the previous two nights and before class began, he came up to me and asked if everything was all right. He said I looked down. Telling him I was fine and just tired, he looked as if he was relieved to hear that… He was relieved that nothing bad was happening in my life and I was just tired. Then he sparked a conversation with me about my life and showed a genuine care for my life. He is a one of a kind person.”

“I really liked Professor Huaman, he was pretty helpful and I feel like he cared about our performance in the class. He was also a fair grader. He also had a sense of humor which made coming to class a little more interesting. It was evident that he worked hard and he even made helpful grammar videos when other 105 professors may not have. Additionally, he always encouraged people to come to his office hours.”

“Ricardo was a good teacher. He encouraged us to come to office hours and always gave good feed back on our work. He often related what we were talking about in class to the real world which was helpful.”

“Great attitude during class time, created a more relaxed approach.”

UVA Spring 2018 Evaluations:

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