My research interests revolve around how theology, both formal and popular, informs much of the literature from the medieval and early modern periods of Spanish literature. My research area is bookended by the works of Gonzalo de Berceo and Pedro Calderón de la Barca, both of whom fall fairly in line with official religious attitudes. Many of the works that lie in between, such as those by Fernando de Rojas and Francisco Delicado, play with or even subvert religious books and doctrines. I have studied both the works that affirm as well as the ones that question mainstream religion. I am intrigued by the many texts that appear to do both simultaneously. I intend to continue studying each type of work throughout my career. I chose to focus on the medieval and early modern periods to preserve and promote the language and legacy of those eras with the understanding that I could still enlarge the discipline through my research and teaching.